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Shaggytag Pet License ID Tag Review

Everyone is familiar with the metal and plastic I.D. tags they have for pets.They are one of those must have items, but they have their drawbacks. They can be hard to read, too small to hold all the information you would like them to and man, can they be noisy. The developers of Shaggytag Pet License ID Tags wanted to make a tag that was able to hold all that information so came out with their unique license tag.Made in the format of a driver’s license, it includes the usual pet tag info- pet’s name,address and phone number.The Shaggytag also has your pet’s gender, height, weight, eye color, breed, coat color and birth date.And if you would like additional information such as medications, a second phone number, etc., they are happy to customize your tag as long as the info can fit on the tag. The information is on both sides and the tag is laminated.  Dogs are the most common pet they make tags for, but the tags can be made for any pet.  The most unusual pet they made a tag for was a pot belly pig!
In October, Marc from Shaggytagcontacted me and sent me one of their unique driver’s license pet I.D. tags to review. Because the tag has your pet’s picture on it just like your license, the first thing I had to do was find a nice headshot of Mellie to send Marc. Not finding one in my pictures, I had to get out my camera and take one.  This proved to be the hardest part of the process.  I could not get Mellie to look at the camera.  She was acting as if lasers would come shooting from the lens at her, so I ended up sending in a picture of her from the side.  So instead of a nice cute I. D. photo, Mellie looks like she had a mugshot taken.  Gotta love my pets sometimes.
Once I got the picture I emailed it to Marc along with the other info needed- pet’s first name, pet’s last name, address, phone number, gender, height, weight, eye color, hair color, breed and date of birth -just like on a person’s license.  While I sent my info to Marc because of doing the review, you can order your tag through the website,upload your picture or mail it and then pay with Paypal.
The tags are available for each of the 50 states, so Mellie’s tag came as a Pennsylvania license.  They are available in 2 sizes. The small is for pets under 6lbs and it measures 2? x 1.12?.  The large is for pets over 6 lbs and it measures 2.25? x 1.25?.  I actually thought the large sounded like it would be too big and look gaudy, but when I got the actual tag changed my mind.  It’s just a little longer than the metal tags I’ve had and just as wide. Definitely not as big as I pictured in my head.  I was happy with how it looked once I put it on Mellie’s collar.

Review Round-up

1- Weather-proof.  The Shaggytag ID Tag held up to my water and weather tests with no problem, so should hold up to whatever activity (swimming, hiking, etc) your pet does.

2- Clear and easy to read.  What good is a tag if you can’t read the information.

3- Quiet. No jangling tags, the laminated Shaggytag is completely quiet.

4- Customization.  I think this is my favorite feature.  It’s great that they can add individual information to a tag if requested. Phone numbers can be added for those families that have multiple cell phones or health conditions can be listed so anyone who might find the lost pet will know it could need medical attention.

5- Different and eye-catching.  You want people to see an ID tag and these will be easy for them to find even in the furriest of dogs.

6- No staining.  Sounds weird, but I’ve always used metal tags and ended up with my white dogs getting discolored from them tarnishing.  Not an issue with laminate.

8–The price is higher than a regular tag, but when you consider the pluses, I’m sure you find it’s worth it.

9–If you have a pet who likes to chew on their tags, this probably won’t hold up well, but it won’t hurt their teeth if they do chew it.

Along with the ID tag,  Shaggytag offers mousepads, magnets, keychains and a luggage tag.   I actually love the idea of the luggage tag to put on my cat carriers so the carriers have my info when they are left at the vet.  They will know which carrier is mine.